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Yes, it is true. We often connect our hair to our feelings or even to our identity. Maybe because the hair is so closely linked to ourselves, and we present ourselves to the world like we see ourselves. For some cultures, like the Native Americans, the hair is still considered the most sacred good. I am sure that we do not have to go this far back to understand the relation to our hair. Have you ever had a “bad hair day”? This term describes well how we connect our hair to our life. Thin hair, dry hair, short hair, damaged hair or a bad haircut. These are just a few problems that women are confronted with. They should not ignore them because they can severely influence a woman’s self-esteem and self-confidence.
Why do we feel better with beautiful hair?
It is quite simple, because perfect hair looks beautiful and let you feel good. It is about feelings. It is about perfect hair. It is about us women.

Alexandra Rainer
Gold Fever Hair Extensions