Wristband Varga Hair

One Size –One Size for all

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The Original – Gen. 2:

The Original wristband has been completely redesigned and is hand-made out of premium leather. The wristband’s outer edges are ornamented with a leather band and ensure a superb appearance.
The new generation comes with three slots and strong magnets. Scissors, razors and other metal objects get a secure hold. The maximal length of the scissors for the “Original Wristband” is 6.5 inches. Another magnetic surface serves for pinning on the hair clips. The integrated “Wrist-Nip” allows a fool-proof opening of the clips, and the long bobby pins can be fixed on the broad loops.

How do I put you on?

You put me as a whole on a surface and you will notice a “thin and a long side” – the thin side has to face your hand – in this direction, you put me on your arm and close the buckle – but not too tight! – then you move me a little bit front and back until I fit comfortably – now you can equip me with your work material.
TIP: In case you own ergonomically curved scissors or scissors with a big screw, just turn the scissors around and push them as far as they will go into the loop. Like this, it fits perfectly and safely.

Benefits for stylists such as the make-up tray

The make-up tray is held through magnets, just like the scissors. The make-up tray has small bowls, on which one can mix the whole color palette à la Da Vinci. In addition, brushes, eye-performers, lip liners and all the other make-up tools can be attached to me.

What is the difference between a bag and the wristband?

It’s quite easy, you wear me on the arm. This means: Never again will there be holes in your favorite pants and the work material is always where it should be – immediately available and easy to use.